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  Global Business Solutions

For many U.S. businesses, income tax expense represents the greatest single line item expense on the P&L statement. When added to other non income related taxes such as real and personal property taxes, consumer use tax, excise tax, etc., plus the expenses of compliance with federal and local tax laws, the number can be staggering when viewed as a percentage of gross income as compared with other business expenses. 


Tax laws and regulations are extremely complex and should be addressed only by specially trained and experienced professionals; however budget constraints often place limitations on businesses resources that may result in unnecessary penalties and interest. Failure to devote adequate resources to tax administration often also results in the business paying unnecessary taxes, and often penalties, as a result of lost tax planning opportunities.


Acting as an extension of your business or Tax Department, Powers & Company will work with your business to identify the tax ramifications associated with your business, including all related tax compliance requirements, and then provide the tax research, planning and compliance support necessary to avoid unexpected and potentially adverse tax consequences. The tax services that we provide are listed below.


Global Business Tax Services


Doing business outside your home country creates many unique tax situations and imposes new and unusual tax requirements. This applies to both U.S. companies doing business abroad as well as companies of other countries doing business in the United States.


Depending on whether your business is merely shipping product to customers overseas and occasionally sends representatives to call on customers, or if it assigns business representatives to live in the country temporarily or indefinitely; whether you establish a branch office or a local business entity; whether you advertise in the foreign country or not along with many other factors can determine to what extent your business will be exposed to taxation in a foreign country or subject to special tax rules in your home country.


Powers & Company will work with your business to identify the tax ramifications of doing business overseas and to plan and avoid unexpected and potentially adverse tax consequences. 


The Tax Services That We Provide

  1. U.S. Federal Income Tax Return Preparation & Compliance

    • Domestic Corporate Federal Separate or Consolidated Group

    • International Corporate Federal with Foreign Tax Credits and Subpart F Income

    • Foreign Corporations Doing Business in the U.S.

    • Multi-State Income/Franchise Taxation

    • Partnership and L.L.C. Taxation

  2. Transfer Pricing Analysis and Advice

  3. Foreign Information Reporting

    • Forms 5471

    • Forms 5472

  4. Information Return Compliance

    • Forms 1099

    • Forms 1042

  5. U.S. Federal, State & Local Income Tax Audit Representation

  6. Sales & Use Tax Compliance Solutions

    • Sales Tax Audit Representation

  7. Property Tax Solutions

    • Tax Rendition Preparation

    • Tax Audit and Assessment Appeals

  8. Corporate Transaction Tax Research and Planning

    • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Corporate Organization/Reorganization

    • Foreign Tax Credit Planning

    • Subpart F Income

    • Foreign Business Operations & Income Repatriation

  9. FSC Tax Services