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Can't Find a Job? Create one.

March 7, 2016, Mahopac, NY: While on the surface this sounds great, how exactly does one create a job? Although you could write personalized letters to business executives who could create a new position that met my skills, why would they do that for you?

Creating a job is like starting a small business and in my opinion is something that needs to be taught to all high school students. I am referring to the concept of marketing oneself.

But without a proven track record, this requires imagination, creativity, networking and a lot of effort. For example, let's assume that "A" is a recent graduate with a degree in Journalism. Now "A" may have fantastic writing skills but maybe there are more candidates available than entry level jobs. Responding to ads and shot gunning resumes only leads to frustration and a loss in self-esteem. However the answer may lie in a different way of thinking. Instead of looking for a JOB, "A" needs to focus on that one personal interest that captivates their passion. So let's assume that "A" loves everything about dogs and reads all there is to read about dog handling, showing, breeding, etc. to the point where "A" can communicate anything and everything concerning dogs.

First, go in the internet and make a list of every print and virtual media publication that contains articles about dogs. Start a Blog about dogs. The Blog needs to remain current with news and stories (IE "content").  It is important, however, to learn how to promote the internet Blog and develop a following. Once there is a following, there exists a demand.

Many special interest media have a list of guest writers who are independent contributing journalists who appear on a regular schedule. The compensation paid for each article may be, say, $350. Let's assume that out of 100 media periodicals, "A" ends up writing articles about dogs (the article or story needs to be of interest to the readers of course) for 10 publications once per month, for which "A is paid "$350 for each story. Thatís $3,500 each month. I

So now that "A" has created a JOB as a freelance writer, there are two possibilities. One possibility is that "A" expands his or her network of media contacts, meeting many while covering events such as the Westminster Dog Show, or an editor may decide that they want the exclusive rights to "A" and offers a full time permanent position. Either way, "A" has created a job and is no longer one of our nation's far too many unemployed individuals.

So if you can't find a job, look to your passion and try to create one.

Andy Powers, Mahopac, NY





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